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How to use shampoo and conditioner bar?

April shampoo and conditioner bars is made of 100% essential oils, natural extracts and some organic ingredients however, we are not an organic brand. We are purely handmade and source good quality raw materials in order to make a quality bar.

Our bars are extremely wallet friendly, travel friendly, environmental friendly and supports zero waste movement. Net weight per bar is 60 gm and it last up to 60- 70 wash depending on length of your hair. Shelf life for all flavored bars is 3 years.

We happily welcome naked packaging approach. Please ask our pop up stores and they can assist with your request. You could refill the bar without getting the tin.


Using a bar is as simple as step 1,2 & 3 :

Step 1 Rub the shampoo and conditioner bar onto your hands to create lather

Step 2 Apply by massaging onto hair and scalp before rinsing off

Step 3 To prolong its usage just keep shampoo and conditioner bars dry in between uses.