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"I loved your shampoo bar :) I used it today and my hair was feeling so good. I will recommend it to all of my friends. I am speechless it is so freaking good it also smells so good after using the bar my hair was so smooth so good. In future I would love to use all the different flavors <3 Thank you so much for introducing this amazing product. I absolutely loved it " - Soni Lama


"The best part while receiving this product was the PACKAGING. And the best part after opening it; was the FRAGRANCE. It is literally YUMMM.." - Sabina Prajapati


" I am very satisfied with April. It's the best shampoo I've used till now" - Palistha Maharjan


" I used my bamboo charcoal bar today, it did miracle to my scalp in just one wash!! Before, I used to have an itch even after shampooing and today I can feel my hair and scalp super clean, and no itch at all. I could even see my baby hair gain their natural curl. Just loved it and can't wait to try other flavors as well" - Vawanah Maharjan


"Thank you for an amazing product. You guys are doing a really great job. I was really excited to use the product and it met my expectation really well. Keep up the good job and good luck " - Sunwi


"It's a beautiful pack and thanks guys for this. I really appreciate everything about this bar " - Bijeta Shrestha


" Finally tried your product and I was so shocked. It was indeed so good, I often have anxiety seeing my hair fall and I had none today" - Kreepa Maskey


"I had taken the Seaweed and Jasmine shampoo bar from you. Actually I ordered with my friend together. It's amazing thank you I have never felt my colored hair to be smooth and in one place. Just wanted to say thank you for bringing this product which is healthy for hair and environment. Will order more after these two are finished" - Prasansa Thapa


" I used it and I'm glad I used it. Gonna use this forever <3" - Upasana Shah


"Ello! My mom and dad have been using the shampoo bars for sometime. At first it didn't get much praise. But now after some days, they love it. I am getting constantly praised along with the bar for choosing some quality products" - Kanchan